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Gran Canaria

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What to do on Gran Canaria during Easter Holidays
Canary Islands

Plan your Easter Week in Gran Canaria with HD Hotels and enjoy a unique experience. Processions, Canarian culture, beaches and the sunny climate of the island.

Easter or the Holy Week is one of the most important Christian festivals and Gran Canaria is an ideal destination to enjoy it. The island offers a wide variety of processions, traditions and cultural activities, making this festivity a unique experience.

Easter Week 2024 in Gran Canaria will be celebrated from Sunday 24th March until Sunday 31st March. The only national public holiday is Good Friday, 29 March. However, some local councils on the island may declare other days of the week as public holidays, such as Palm Sunday or Easter Monday.

How is Easter Week celebrated in Gran Canaria?

holy week gran canaria

Unlike other places on the mainland, in Gran Canaria the Easter holiday is experienced in a special way thanks to its mild climate and the wide range of activities that take place throughout the Gran Canarian towns and villages.

However, in the capital city Las Palmas this festivity is celebrated the most, maintaining the religious and cultural spirit deeply rooted in this date.

5 plans to enjoy Easter Week on the Canary Islands 

The best time of the year to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is Easter in Gran Canaria. At HD Hotels we invite you to discover why, during your stay on the island, it’s chosen year after year by thousands of tourists to spend their holidays.

1. Experience tradition with the religious processions

The capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is the focal point of the whole Holy Week. In such emblematic and historic neighbourhoods as Triana and Vegueta, a multitude of processions take place to the delight of the most fervent believers and, also, of the not so fervent believers.

It may not have the same aura as Easter Week in Andalusia or Castile and León, but it does have that aura of mysticism that the most devout feel every time they see their saints in procession.

The most important processions are:

Palm Sunday:

Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem

Station of Penitence of the Nazarenes of Vegueta.

Holy Wednesday:

Procession of the Holy Encounter of Christ or the Procession of El Paso

Procession of Nuestra Señora de los Dolores de Triana (Our Lady of Sorrows of Triana)

Good Friday:

Stations of the Cross of the Holy Christ of the Good End

Procession of Art, of the Mantillas or the Dolorosa of Luján Pérez

Procession of the Holy Burial of Christ or Magna Inter parish procession

Thrones of Santo Domingo Parish Church

Thrones of the Matriz de San Agustín Parish Church

Thrones of the Parish of San Francisco

Procession of the Retreat and Silence

2. Discover the best landscapes of the island

To embark on a walk along the paths of Gran Canaria is the best way to discover its film-like landscapes, full of contrasts: lush pine forests, sacred mountains, plains, natural monuments such as Roque Nublo or the Maspalomas Dunes.

Gran Canaria has some of the best hiking routes in the whole of the Canary Islands, guiding walkers through unique landscapes with environments that change radically in just a few kilometres.

If you’re worried about the level of difficulty or the state of the paths, each path has been designed by experts in the field and are correctly marked. All you’ll have to worry about is enjoying the trail for a unique experience.

3. Get to know Canarian culture

There’s no better time of the year to get to know Canarian culture in general and Gran Canaria in particular than Easter week.

The cultural offer is very varied, including museums in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria such as the Pérez Galdós Museum, the Casa Museo Colón or the emblematic Museo Canario. You can also visit the Tomás Morales House Museum in the municipality of Moya or the Painted Cave (Cuevas Pintadas) in the northern municipality of Gáldar.

In addition to these museums, you can get to know the historic centre of the city in depth, strolling through the streets and alleys of Vegueta and Triana, with their typical Canarian balconies, or tasting the best bochinches in Gran Canaria

4. Enjoy the best beaches of the Atlantic

You can't leave the island without visiting its beaches. In Gran Canaria you’ll find beaches to suit all tastes: beaches with golden sand, black sand, pebbles, accessible, urban, remote, beaches for sunbathing, for water sports, etc.

In short, you can enjoy the best beaches in the south of Gran Canaria at any time of the year, even during Easter week.

5. Look out over the horizon from its viewpoints

Another plan you can't miss during your Easter Week stay in Gran Canaria is to admire its natural beauty from the heights.

Throughout the island, it’s easy to come across some promontories where you can gaze out over the Atlantic, the neighbouring island or the ravines. The network of viewpoints in Gran Canaria includes emblematic places such as the Mirador de Bandama, the Mirador del Balcón or the Mirador de Unamuno in the municipality of Artenara.

Where to stay on Gran Canaria for the Holy Week

If you are planning your Easter holidays in Gran Canaria, you may be considering accommodation in the south of the island as well as in the capital. 

At HD Hotels we have the best offers for Easter in our two exclusive hotels: HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria for the whole family, and HD Acuario Lifestyle for those who come as a couple and want to enjoy a more intimate environment. 

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