Tenerife is an exceptional island due to its great geographical contrasts. It’s the perfect place to complete your holiday with exciting short trips and memorable moments.

The main tourist activity in Tenerife is located within three big areas: the South, with its unusual contrast between quaint, rural towns and magnificent black sand beaches hosting exclusive beach resorts; the Metropolitan area, with the best shopping and cultural offerings; and the North, with its stunning nature and the best and most traditional food.

Full of surprises due to its diversity, weather, authenticity and volcanic nature, Tenerife provides timeless and exclusive charm for a fabulous vacation.

Some things to do in Tenerife



Fun and colour!

A festive atmosphere and an abundance of colours flood the streets to welcome you to take part in a spectacle like no other. There's nothing to stop you from partaking in the most anticipated event of the year: Carnival. The most emblematic festival on the island, Carnival that has been spreading joy and smiles for centuries, showering glitter, rhythm and revelry throughout the month-long celebration.

However, the fun is not confined to the night. For the last few years, a Day Carnival has been held on Saturday and received to great success. This event fills the city centre with people of all ages, providing a family-friendly atmosphere with an energy and spirit to equal the night.



World Heritage Site

This unique non-walled colonial city has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, with its original urban layout from XV remaining practically untouched. It served as a reference for American colonial cities such as Old Havana, Lima or Cartagena de Indias, which all show a similar aesthetic in their houses and streets. It is extremely well-preserved with a beautiful architecture throughout its historic centre.

Joining a guided tour to visit the most emblematic buildings is highly recommended.



Simple and flavourful gastronomy

The variety of landscapes and climates on the island has strongly influenced its delicious dishes. The gastronomy is simple, but the flavours exquisite. Made with local products, the cuisine offers a variety of fruits, many of them tropical fruits, as well as vegetables, fresh fish, meat and the popular potatoes papas to savour. A particular favourite, this speciality is a must for any visitor, to be eaten accompanied by the traditional sauce mojo canario.

Enjoy the novel cuisine and culinary traditions of the island. Try our wines, potatoes, mojo and cheese and be awakened to a host of new flavours.



A world apart

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage site, a visit to this amazing National Park is not to be missed. You'll be stunned by landscapes which appear to be from a different planet. Breathe the pure air from the altitudes of the highest peak in Spain. Walk through volcanic lava and feel the enormity of your surroundings as the majestic Teide looms above you.

If you plan your visit in spring, don't miss the blooming of the tajinaste, a marvellous red tower of jewels, or the Teide violet, an endemic species of the island and an emblem of the National Park. These unique and colourful flowers will enchant you with their beauty and complement any trip to the park. These flowers aren’t always easy to find, so count yourself among the lucky ones who do!

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