Hotels in Costa Teguise


Costa Teguise is one of the most popular tourist areas on the island of Lanzarote. HD Beach Resort & Spa is a deluxe beautiful enclave where you can find an infinite number of activities to do. From enjoying some of the best beaches in Lanzarote to playing a game of golf in a heavenly oasis or having fun with your friends in a water park nearby.

Discover the Climate of the CanarianParadise

Lanzarote is a fantastic place to relax facing the sea and enjoy the sun and one of its magnificent golden sand beaches.


sand beaches

You will love walking along the sea while enjoying the sea breeze and the beautiful views of Costa Teguise. If you like golf you can find a good club just minutes away. You will also find different hiking routes in the area that will take you to the heart of the island. An all-inclusive destination.


in Costa Teguise

Enjoy one of the best bungalow hotels in Costa Teguise and disconnect from the cold European routine. In the area you will find all kinds of leisure activities. From exciting nightclubs to some of the best restaurants on the island, so you can enjoy Canarian cuisine. A tasty and simple gastronomy with influences from the Caribbean and mainland Spain.


climates of the world

What is the weather like in Costa Teguise? The climate of Costa Teguise and Lanzarote in general is very pleasant throughout the year. The proximity to the African continent will raise the temperature when the wind comes from the Sahara. With all this in Costa Teguise you can enjoy an average annual temperature of about 21 ºC.

Rainfall in Costa Teguise is very scarce with just a few days of rain per year. Clouds are quite unknown in the area and almost certainly your vacation will shine like the sun that heats all the Canary Islands. In Costa Teguise you can take a dip either during the summer or at the end of December. Something ideal if you come with your family.


town in Lanzarote

In Costa Teguise you will also find several shopping centers and local shops where you can find the best local and European fashion and treat yourself with a souvenir of Lanzarote. A few minutes away you will also find a water park to spend a fun time and enjoy the good weather. Furthermore, the island is an economical destination.

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