All-inclusive hotels in Lanzarote


If you are planning a vacation in Lanzarote come and enjoy with us one of the best all inclusive hotels in Lanzarote, like the HD Beach Resort & Spa. You can choose between the beautiful golden sand beaches of the south of the island or a beautiful enclave in the east. Without a doubt a great option for your vacations with endless possibilities.

If you like golf you can find numerous golf courses just minutes from our hotels and you will also find numerous cycling and hiking trails. On the beaches you can also enjoy all kinds of water sports such as surfing or diving.

Another interesting visit in Lanzarote is the Valley of the Thousand Palm Trees where you can discover thousands of palms of different species located in a beautiful natural enclave. A deluxe vacation.

All-inclusive Holiday on the CanarianParadise

During your all-inclusive holidays to Costa Teguise you can enjoy a wide range of activities for all tastes.


and its wildlife

One of the first recommended visits is the Timanfaya National Park where you can enjoy an emblematic natural show thanks to the geysers of the volcano and the amazing wildlife of the park.


to Lanzarote

We recommend you to start the day by gathering strength in the restaurant of our bungalows hotel with an exquisite international breakfast.


of Africa

Lanzarote has a warm climate throughout the year. Being an island with a lower altitude, it has less vegetation layers than other islands of the archipelago. Its subtropical climate is influenced by the warmth coming from the nearby African continent and by the trade winds.

What is the weather like in Lanzarote? The temperatures in Lanzarote are mild throughout the year. The island has little rainfall and the annual averages are around 21 ºC. Something ideal if you come with your family.


city of Arrecife

Another interesting stop is of course the capital of the island, Arrecife, where you can enjoy its emblematic white buildings that contrast with the turquoise green waters. You can also enjoy the architectural works of César Manrique, an international artist born in Arrecife. Furthermore, the island is an economical destination.

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