Travel to Lanzarote and feel its magic again

June 17, 2021, 6 p.m.

It has been a very difficult year... We know that you have had to go through difficult times and that emotional exhaustion has been the usual trend in recent months. But after all this effort, now comes the reward: that award that you deserve now that we are beginning to enjoy a new normal.

You and yours deserve a vacation in a place where you can do everything you enjoyed before everything had to close. Rest in a good spa, unforgettable moments with your family, the beauty of a sunset or the luxury of enjoying the best gastronomy in the world.

Lanzarote, an island that takes care of the body and the soul

And if there is a place that offers you all that, it is the beautiful and unusual Lanzarote. Traveling to this island is synonymous not only with vacations, but with fantasy. Its volcanic heart makes its reddish and badlands the ideal contrast for white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that make it a paradise in the middle of the Atlantic.

A place where the volcanic badlands give away one of the most spectacular grapes in the world. Where the kitchen merges with the environment and the sea refreshes every inch of your body and soul.

Each metro in Lanzarote is rest and comfort, but also adventure, sport, fun and culture. It is the link that unifies nature and man's love for the island.

Knowing all this, we have reformulated our most exclusive hotel for your new holidays: the HD Beach Resort & Spa, so that traveling to Lanzarote is the most ideal option to enjoy your holidays.

Opening of the HD Beach Resort & Spa: the luxury of feeling Lanzarote

Possibly, one of the most important tourist events of the new normal and of 2021 is the opening and arrival of the innovative “New Luxury” concept at a hotel that in recent years has It has become the best option to stay during a vacation in Lanzarote and now with an incredible reopening offer of 25% discount for all reservations made until October 8 with a maximum stay of until October 15. With 20% discount for Canarian residents who are part of the HD Club.

EMBLEM: luxury is for you

177 rooms of the highest quality await you in this 4-star hotel made for all types of public. Now with the EMBLEM concept that changes the paradigm of luxury, all small emotions that fill you with happiness during the holidays are elevated to this category.

A hotel equipped with facilities and services ranging from gastronomic quality such as the Casual Picnic Restaurant, the Organic Gastro Bar or a trip to traditional Italian stoves at La Trattoria restaurant, a hallmark that is part of the HD ecosystem. Even the Kids Club, the Bike Zone or the famous Health Spa, one of the key elements of the fame that the HD Beach Resort & Spa treasures.

All this with a new way of attending and understanding vacations: Sense Connect.

Sense Connect: the luxury of a vacation designed for you

This island is characterized by its versatility. Traveling to Lanzarote during your holidays can be due to many reasons and these are the ones that will determine how you want to live your trip and your stay. This is where Sense Connect is born, our common thread that connects your interests with all hotel experiences.

A technology that personalizes experiences based on the way you want to travel to Lanzarote. The luxury of being able to have a tailor-made vacation!

3 reasons to travel to Lanzarote this summer

We want to give you something different than you already know. We are aware that you already know all the places that you must visit on the island, but for us these reasons are key for you to opt for it.

  1. It is the best time to travel to Lanzarote

Summer is the best time to travel to the island. And it is not because of the average temperature, since this is constant throughout the year, but because of the tourist offer and the weather stability. You will be able to enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets in Spain having more hours of light thanks to the less time difference and summer time. You will be able to make the most of your vacation days!

  1. The most exclusive hotel of HD Hotels

The reopening of the HD Beach Resort & Spa means the possibility of enjoying exclusive 4-star accommodation with incredible facilities and the possibility of traveling on an all-inclusive basis at prices never seen before.

A unique opportunity to travel to Lanzarote and reconnect with everything that you have not been able to in the last year. Because you deserve the luxury of enjoying again with the people you love the most.

  1. A movie paradise

Its landscapes, its people, the climate and the aura that surrounds Lanzarote, makes you feel that you are having a trip full of unique sensations wherever you are on the island. From its beaches, to its routes through the Timanfaya National Park.

Feel the luxury of living every moment again

Travel to Lanzarote and feel again the luxury of enjoying every moment of your vacation. Take advantage of the reopening of the HD Beach Resort & Spa and enjoy the incredible reopening offer of 25% discount for all reservations made until October 8 with a maximum stay of until October 15. With a 20% discount for Canarian residents who are part of the HD Club.

Give yourself and your loved ones a trip full of sensations where you will not only rest, but also have a great time. And that happiness... is a real luxury!


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