Top 5 things to do in Las Palmas with children

Aug. 12, 2019, 1:58 p.m.

If you are traveling to Gran Canaria with your family, you surely are considering ways to have fun with the little ones. Therefore, this HD Hotels & Resorts article will be very useful as you will discover the best things to do in Las Palmas with children.

It is well known that the island is one of the favorite destinations of European tourists. Furthermore, the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is undergoing a major boom in recent years.

Regarded as one of the top European tourist destination, the capital of the island has plenty to offer due to its multicultural flavor. Indeed, Las Palmas has always been a hub in the middle of three continents: Europe, Africa and the Americas.

Over the last years, the city has atracted different kinds of visitors, from the typical tourist in search of the sun to digital nomads that stay around for a certain period of time and make the most of a city that has a wide cultural offer.

However, Las Palmas is a city made for all publics, thanks to its museums, its theaters, its beaches, its historical neighborhoods or its gastronomical offer, among others. So, if you come with the youngest ones… Congratulations! You made the right choice.

Along these lines, below you will find out the best cool activities to do with children in Las Palmas in order to spend an amazing time in a city that will leave all of you speechless. Let’s get started!

Best things to do in Las Palmas with children

The capital of the island, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean just 100 kilometers off the northwestern African coast, has long been a firm favourite with families, thanks to its year round sunshine.

When holidaying here with the little ones, one thing’s for sure: you won’t be short on things to keep them entertained. Indeed, Las Palmas offers so many things to do to keep children occupied when on holiday that you just need enough time and planning to tick as many of these great places off your bucket list when visiting the island. Here’s our list of the top five family activities in Las Palmas.

1. Visiting the Poema del Mar Aquarium

The city adds to its cultural charms alternatives for leisure such as this building located in full transit from the port to the urban center. The building has a striking nocturnal illumination that evokes the silhouette of marine animals.

With its surface area of 12,500 square meters and more than 400 species, the Poema del Mar Aquarium is the most modern aquarium in Europe. The visit to this place where you can have fun and share new knowledge with your family is one of the best things to do in Las Palmas with children.

A true journey into the marine world around the planet, visiting the different ecosystems and habitats from all the continents. An authentic immersion in nature next to the cruise terminal and the Santa Catalina Park, home of the best emblematic hotel in Las Palmas: the Acuario Lifestyle Hotel.

2. Living the science at the Elder Museum

This museum located in the capital of the island of Gran Canaria is all about science and technology and not touching the exhibits is not allowed. In fact, the Elder Museum is an interactive experience which explains concepts with physical experiments and informative panels.

Children will love discovering the wonders of science, making the Elder a must visit in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The Elder Museum, that opens Tuesday to Sunday, is right in the central Santa Catalina Park and can easily be combined with a visit to the city’s most cosmopolitan area, the multicultural isthmus.

3. Enjoying a beach day in Las Canteras

Get their buckets and spades ready for a day of building and playing in the sand. There are sandy beaches all over Gran Canaria, but one of the best places for sandcastle building is, undoubtedly, Las Canteras.

Additionally, what makes this place special (and obviously one of the best things to do in Las Palmas with children) is that is one of the top urban beaches in the world with dozens of shops, restaurants or ice cream shops to keep you occupied too. Moreover, this beach has restrooms, showers and Red Cross facilities.

4. Discovering the history of the Canary Islands in its museums

Immerse yourself in Canarian culture by visiting excellent museums that will show you how the Canarian aborigines lived before the European conquest. You will be able to visit museums full of culture like:

  • Canarian Museum: a place to discover pre-colonial culture. You will find remains of Canarian aborigines and their everyday objects. Quite an experience!
  • Columbus House: an old colonial house where the famous sailor Christopher Columbus stayed on his trips to the New World.
  • House of Africa: the African continent and the Canaries have always been culturally connected throughout history. In this museum you will be able to discover the the Canarian culture in its purest sense.

5. Cycling along the Maritime Avenue

This city is all about sutainable transport, so it’s no surprise that local and regional authorities bet on cycling in order to reduce pollution. Its new cycling lanes and public bicyles for rent (the Sitycletas) are an excellent option, especially if you ride along the Maritime Avenue and enjoy the beauty of the city’s coast.

To sum it up, these are our top 5 things to do in Las Palmas with children, but surely if you go deep into the city you will discover hidden corners that will make your family trip an unforgettable experience!


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