Interview with Antonio Garzón, nutrition expert

Jan. 28, 2016, 10:24 a.m.

This Full HD experience is especially attractive for modern families because the client can get in shape while the children enjoy the Splash Park or the entertainment activities. To carry out these gastronomic innovations, HD Hotels has relied on Antonio Garzón, a tourism professional and expert in nutrition.

What are the novelties in nutrition that HD Hotels has implemented?

With the HD Taste concept, nutritional criteria are incorporated into the gastronomic offer. On the one hand, with regard to food allergies or intolerances, information is provided by telematic means on the allergens contained in each dish of the buffet. In addition, for coeliac customers, there is a gluten-free menu that can be consulted in a specific menu, always with the personalised advice of the chef. On the other hand, customers who are following a certain type of diet or popular diet have the possibility of continuing it during their holidays or finding their way around the healthy diets of HD pets.

Could you tell us a little more about the relationship between healthy diets and corporate pets?

The HD Hotels family of pets consists of Chachi and his friends, each with a very defined character. Each pet has now been assigned a healthy diet mode corresponding to their character. The aim is to inform about good eating habits in a fun way and without restricting the enjoyment of the holiday. Chucho, a traditional Canarian peasant, has been assigned the Mediterranean diet, possibly the most recommended worldwide; Chechu, the athletic pet, is fed an energy diet for sportsmen; Choni, a gardener and nature lover, promotes the vegetarian diet; Chacha, an expert in gastronomy, follows a low-carbohydrate diet; Chacho, a surfer and lover of all water activities, follows the volumetrix diet, based on foods with a high percentage of water; finally, we find Chachi, who is the main mascot and ambassador of the hotels, who promotes a dissociated diet that combines the nutritional principles of the pets according to the time of day.

What devices and means does the client have at his disposal in HD Hotels?

As part of our product HD Sense Connect, the customer will find an interactive screen at the entrance to the restaurant that provides information on the daily and weekly gastronomy offer, where the nutritional values of each dish in the buffet, its ingredients, the allergens it contains and the related healthy diets can be consulted. In addition, already at the buffet, each dish has an electronic label that provides information on its name and allergens, while also allowing a QR code to be scanned that leads to nutritional information (kclas, proteins...). In this context, it is also worth mentioning the interactive animation screen, where the fit&relax and fun&sport programmes can be consulted, ideal for combining with diets. Finally, HD Hotels has an application for mobile devices, an informative totem and a free high-speed wifi connection, which improve the customer experience in every way.


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