The (re)adventure of HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria

March 11, 2021, 1:19 p.m.

Sometimes, in the darkest moments, our purest feelings come to light. Why? Because there’s one thing that unites people all around the world: family.

That’s the most important thing for us in HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria, that’ll reopen this spring more family friendly than ever.

The best family hotel in Gran Canaria will continue to offer the best services for families all around the world in an island that is a 100% safe destination.

We’ve decided to leave behind the traditional concept of a child friendly hotel for a technological leap to take the experience to another level.

We reopen our hotel in the south of Gran Canaria with even more comfort, peace and happiness in every inch of this unique paradise.

Ladies and gentlemen, without further delay, we present to you the new HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria!

The ideal setting for a family hotel

Reapertura Hotel HD San Cristóbal Gran Canaria

Conscientes de que estamos ubicados es uno de los mejores entornos de Europa, en Playa We’re aware of its location in one of the most privileged places in Europe: in Playa del Inglés. Thus, as we’re very close to the beautiful and iconic Dunes of Maspalomas, we wanted to expand the horizontal layout of the HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria to renovate each and every aspect, making it an ideal place to enjoy a family holiday, improving the services of entertainment, swimming pool, restaurants and accommodation.

We’ve incorporated into this renovation such modern concepts as e-gamer spaces, eco yoga or the famous crossfit... All this is added to a huge catalogue of entertainment for the little ones, a children's pool area with slides or the use of our gardens so that families can have a great time during their holidays.

A hotel whose shape honours the Canary Islands

Reapertura Hotel HD San Cristóbal Gran Canaria

This new adventure is inspired by the environment that surrounds us, so that the Canary Islands can be felt at all times thanks to natural textures, wood and open spaces with vegetation so that our guests feel that their holidays are full with warmth and relaxation.

From the welcome area, where guests can stay connected to the sensations of the island, to each of the service points, through the restaurant services, rest and entertainment areas, as well as the rooms, the new HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria leaves everyone speechless.

From bungalow to haven of peace

Reapertura Hotel HD San Cristóbal Gran Canaria

We’ve evolved the bungalow concept because our guests deserve more than an independent and autonomous room. We want them to feel at home and to find in the HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria the essence of the place where they’re spending their holidays.

We’ve been inspired by the aboriginal culture of the Canary Islands to fill each of the corners where our guests will feel sensations, organic textures and simplicity.

The tribal tones of the earth and nature surround the living room and bedrooms in calm and comfort, where the latter will see their catalogue expanded and improved for the little ones, who can choose between simplicity in the Twings bedroom, technology in the Teens bedroom with a video games area, or the fun of the Kids bedroom with games, colours and adapted for babies.

The villas take privacy to a higher level. The decoration with natural tones and textures, together with furniture where the sun loungers, Jacuzzi and shower stand out, are ideal components to achieve total relaxation during the holidays.

Suites, Superior and Emblem

Family is much more than just having children... Family is friends, partners, siblings... That’s why we wanted to create a selection of suites recommended for adults so that they’re surrounded by the warmth and comfort of the influence of our new and natural concept.

Superior and Emblem Superior Suites are designed for total privacy and relaxation. A layout that connects the bedroom to the bathroom with a large sheet of glass and the comfort of features that will raise the Emblem category to an optimal level for our guests' well-deserved holidays.

Multiculturalism at your table

Reapertura Hotel HD San Cristóbal Gran Canaria

Thanks to its redesign, the main buffet is able to transmit through the textures and materials, the freshness and the sensation of enjoying breakfast in an open and natural environment.

Each of the buffets will be provided with themed islands that will give dynamism and a sense of change with each passing day. We’re expanding our menu for everyone. From cold dishes, to pasta and or grilled food. All with a selection of multicultural gastronomy, where every corner of the world will be on your table.

The best gastronomy in a hotel

Three restaurants, three gastronomies and an endless number of sensations that will develop in your mouth.

EMBLEM Restaurant

A premium selection for our EMBLEM clients where they can enjoy a glassed-in environment reinforced with noble woods that make it the perfect setting where gastronomy lovers can enjoy a spectacular wine cellar and select buffets.

All Day “Family & Joy” Restaurant, La Trattoria y Organic Gastro Bar

Three amazing restaurants where you can taste the best cuisine. The first, Family & Joy, connects with the pool and outdoor atmosphere. Without leaving the pool you can enjoy brunch, pizzas, barbecue and an excellent menu to take a break from the pool.

The second, La Trattoria, an Italian corner in the middle of a Canarian setting, converge and become the ideal place to enjoy true Italian cuisine with recipes taken directly from the most traditional Italian kitchens.

The third one, Organic Gastro Bar, is a concept that goes with the purity of the climate in our swimming pool. Therefore, here you can taste a wide variety of organic products that are fused to create from fresh and natural juices to an excellent menu with products of origin in an avant-garde Spanish cuisine.

Fun for everyone

Reapertura Hotel HD San Cristóbal Gran Canaria

We wanted fun to be present in each of the services that our guests can enjoy. This idea gave rise to the Day & Night "Family & Joy" bar concept, the perfect time to enjoy a varied menu, a good, cool drink and occasional live music and DJs.

Another great choice is the e-sport bar O2 Arena, a place where technology and fun come together. A space where you can work remotely and have a quality gin and tonic and later enjoy the variety theatre or the excellent gamer area. It also has a space to play pool.

Liberty Zone and Warriors Zone

Activities, entertainment and exercise go hand in hand in these areas designed for the youngest members of the family. We're thinking of ideal places to enjoy exercises such as crossfit, obstacle courses, gymkhanas or guided activities such as aqua spinning, bodypump or tai chi, among others.

Kids Club, fun for the little ones

The ideal place for the little ones to have fun in the areas set up for their entertainment with attractions and elements created for their maximum enjoyment.

Relax and enjoy

Reapertura Hotel HD San Cristóbal Gran Canaria

A holiday should be a collection of good feelings. We want our guests to embrace both relaxation and fun. The fact that they choose us as their main option for the summer makes us more and more demanding of ourselves.

As a result of this, the new Splash was born, where the little ones can take their childhood and fun to the maximum and where parents can not only see how they have a great time, but also be encouraged to smile and enjoy themselves with them.

HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria is now a hotel also designed for sport with the Bike Zone, which serves as support, support and service for our guests who love cycling and the SportConnect Zone, a multi-active court so that they can enjoy activities monitored by professionals and even with football goals with astroturf. We know what our guests need on their holidays and we want them to have it.

And as rest and meditation are increasingly necessary in a world full of pressure, stress and obligations, our Ikigai Zone - Yoga & Relax, is perfect so that during those days that you’re with us you can meditate and relax. An area set up for all these activities that will allow you to renew the air you breathe and eliminate all the energies that do not allow you to have the calm you deserve.

Our SPA - Health Connect is one more element that we want you to use so that your body and mind are in a cloud each and every day that you are staying at the hotel.

We wanted to create the perfect environment for your body and mind to connect only with you in a place made for rest and disconnection from the daily routine.

HD Sense Connect: a hotel for everybody

Reapertura Hotel HD San Cristóbal Gran Canaria

We’ve opted for the creation of a unique concept in the hotel industry in the Canary Islands through personalised experiences based on the adaptation of services to the profile of each of our clients. From what they’re looking for and what they want to experience on their holidays to the type of board they want to enjoy our hotel.

Our user customisation technology will allow each of our customers to access one of the 12 boxes that will connect their perfect holiday scheme with the services offered by our hotels.

This is a further step towards the personalisation of tourism with a concept that adapts to the user and not the other way around. HD Sense Connect will bring together the interests of our users, who will have direct access to the experiences they want to live.

This isn’t a reopening, it’s a (re)adventure that we’re reliving, but in a very different way without separating ourselves from what matters most to us and what drives HD Hotels: the family.

Come and see the new HD Parque Cristobal Gran Canaria at an unrepeatable price. We reopen our magnificent fully renovated hotel and we want you to be the first to come. Book before June 30 with a 25% discount and reconnect at the best family hotel in Gran Canaria. (Offer valid for Club HD members with stays until 07.15.21. Discount subject to availability, free cancellation up to 48 hours before arrival date).

Reapertura Hotel HD San Cristóbal Gran Canaria


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