HD Hotels consolidates its gastronomic innovation

Jan. 28, 2016, 10:43 a.m.

HD Hotels is committed to an experience of flavours and healthy diets aimed at modern families and sportspeople. These experiences interact with the customer through the telematic media implemented in all the hotels since last summer, among which we can highlight: electronic labels, interactive gastronomic screens and customer service apps. Thanks to these means customers can scan recipes, consult diets or nutritional components and collaborate with the improvement of the service by means of a satisfaction questionnaire.

The HD Smart Buffet from HD Hotels is also characterised by having an HD Kids Buffet for children and an HD Health Buffet for healthy menus, with the recent incorporation of suggestions from specialists. These services are enriched with various ethnic dinners that can also be consulted through telematic devices.

In this context of innovation for modern families, it is currently being celebrated that HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria is the winner of TripAdvisor as the best family hotel in the Canary Islands in its category, and has reached the appreciated position of nineteenth in Spain. This success is closely related to the advances in gastronomy as part of the HD Sense Connect concept, which HD Hotels has created in order to connect the five senses through new technologies, giving rise to high definition experiences that can be classified through the following categories: fit&relax, fun&sports, creative&shows, all inclusive and family&kids.

In addition to the intelligent buffet and the interactive gastronomic offer, HD Sense Connect focuses on animation and the world of the mascot to merge with the flavours and offer diverse experiential programmes. The hotels also have an interactive screen designed for animation, where customers can consult multimedia information on the activities, segmented by category and customer profile.

In conclusion, HD Sense Connect is an innovative product that merges the experiences with a Hotel App, free high-speed WIFI in all parts of the hotel, Checkin Online with the possibility for the client to choose his room, interactive screens of gastronomy and animation, electronic labels in the buffet, dynamic screens, information totem, technological lounge for teenagers and last generation devices: smart & flat TV, Xbox Kinect & PlayStation, docking station, etc.


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