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Nov. 24, 2020, 2:12 p.m.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Government of the Canary Islands has taken measures (to which we, HD Hoteles, of course, subscribe) to prevent risk situations, deepen the monitoring and surveillance of the pandemic and strengthen care and public health services.

With the aim of guaranteeing the health of citizens, keeping the number of infections in the archipelago low and maintaining tourist and economic activities with the maximum conditions of safety and quality, Decree Law 17/2020 of 29 October, which makes a COVID-19 test obligatory for accommodation in any tourist establishment in the Canary Islands, announced.

When is a test obligatory?

From the 14 of November 2020, all persons (which are not residents in the Canary Islands) older than 6 years will be obliged to show a negative COVID-19 test by presenting a certificate if they wish to stay in a tourist establishment.

Which tests are valid?

A diagnostic test carried out within the last 72 hours for an active infection, which shows that the tourist is not a positive COVID-19 carrier. The test must be approved by the health authorities of your country or the European Union.

Only RT-PCR and antigen tests are valid. Alternatively, the tourist can prove that he has passed the disease by presenting a serological certificate confirming that he has developed IgG antibodies.

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How should the certificate be?

The certificate can be presented in digital or paper form and must include the following information: date and time of the test realisation, the identity data of the person, the laboratory responsible for authenticity and verification and the negative result.

In which case a test is not necessary?

This test is not required of persons resident in the archipelago who can prove their status as such and declare that they have not left the Canary Islands 15 days before their arrival in the tourist accommodation and that they have not had any symptoms associated with COVID-19 during that period.

Nor is this diagnostic test required of non-residents who can prove (with their travel document) that they have stayed in the archipelago during the 15 days preceding the date of their arrival at the tourist accommodation and who, moreover, declare under their own responsibility that they did not show any symptoms associated with COVID-19 during that period.

When do the clients have to be informed?

You are informed that the conditions of access include the acceptance of the validation of the relevant diagnostic test before making the reservation or renting the tourist accommodation services.

When making a reservation or renting tourist accommodation, all clients must give their consent to the applicable access conditions.

All tourist accommodation establishments must display information posters in at least five official languages at their reception desk to inform customers of these conditions of access.

What happens if there is no test presented?

The tourist accommodation will deny the access to the persons who do not have a test and will explain where they can make it afterwards.

In exceptional cases, if the tourist cannot prove that a test has been carried out but agrees to take it, he/she will be given access to the accommodation and can spend the time necessary to do so until the result is available. It should be noted that he/she may only leave the room to carry out the test and collect the results.

What happens if there is a positive case of COVID-19?

If there is a positive case, the public health department is immediately informed (telephone number: 900 112 061, 112 for other languages), which will determine the patient's whereabouts depending on the symptoms he or she is showing.

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Don’t forget...

Tourist establishments must keep at the disposal of the Canary Islands Health Department the documents that confirm that the client has complied with these safety measures.

The accommodation will inform their clients of the need to download the RADAR COVID app and keep it active throughout their stay in the Canary Islands and also for the following 15 days.

Where can I download the RADAR COVID app?

RADAR COVID, the app developed and run by the Secretary of State for Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence of the Spanish Government to prevent the spread of the corona virus, can be downloaded both in Google Play and the App Store:

HD Hotels, a safe tourist accommodation

In our HD Hotels we would like to support the initiative of the Canary Islands Government and guarantee our clients a safe stay with the best quality to keep the epidemiological incidence of the archipelago low.



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