Is traveling to the Canary Islands in December worth it?

Nov. 11, 2019, 11:07 a.m.

Temperatures begin to drop and the body asks for a holiday where the heat becomes the protagonist as it used to be in summer. What if we tell you that you can do it without having to go near the stove or the chimney? What if we tell you that traveling to the Canary Islands in December is going to bring you back to summer in your winter holidays?

The reality is that this archipelago in the middle of the Atlantic seems to be touched by fortune in terms of diversity and climate. Islands like Lanzarote, Gran Canaria or Tenerife have locations where summer is simply eternal.

Traveling to the Canary Islands in December is the perfect opportunity to see a wonderful variety of places so different from each other that your holidays will be full of incredible sensations.

In recent years this archipelago has placed itself as one of the most popular destinations for people who want to live a warm Christmas. And, as time goes by, the fame that these islands are treasuring is so great that its tourist offer is practically unbeatable today, as it adapts to all types of tourism.

In this way, in the Canary Islands we can find all-inclusive hotels ideal for families, boutique or urban hotels perfect to enjoy the most cosmopolitan points of each island and excellent resorts that will make you feel like you are in the months of July and August, while you listen to Christmas carols and, most likely, supermarkets sell nougat.

But the Canary Islands are like that. It is a unique region capable of bringing you summer in the middle of winter.

canary islands in winter

Winter in the Canary Islands is an eternal summer

One of the reasons why travelling to the Canary Islands in December will make you feel like summer is the location you are in and the weather conditions because it is very close to the African coast.

In addition, the trade winds that act as temperature regulators make the archipelago safe from strong storms.

Apart from these precious and fortunate "coincidences", the volcanic origin of the Canary Islands makes the richness and diversity of sceneries one of the most outstanding values of the archipelago.

Islands such as Gran Canaria, Lanzarote or Tenerife have both beach and countryside landscapes inside. And not only that, since their microclimates make that in short time we can pass from an arid and sunny climate to a humid one more proper of fertile areas like forests or mountains.

Imagine walking through the fine, blonde sand of the Maspalomas Dunes or through the lush forests of Laurisilva; or being on the coast and, in less than an hour, visiting a lunar landscape in the Cañadas del Teide; or lying on a paradisiacal beach and seeing a volcanic expanse of ochre and reddish colours on Lanzarote.

A winter full of sensations that will make you have a unique Christmas where the sun, the beach, the diversity of landscapes and calm will be the main ingredients of your unforgettable holidays. What are you waiting for to visit places as spectacular as the following?

  • Cañadas del Teide: the giant not only of the Canary Islands, but also of Spain. A National Park that houses a terrain where the natural diversity and volcanic origin of the entire archipelago converge.
  • Roque Nublo: the colossus that guards Gran Canaria from the centre of the island. Situated in the municipality of Tejeda, where one of the most beautiful villages in Spain is located.
  • Maspalomas Dunes: an ocean of golden sand; a movie place that will allow you to live not only an excellent day of beach, but one of the most beautiful sunsets that can be contemplated.
  • Timanfaya National Park: the reflection of the lava sea that this island was millennia ago. The volcanic activity, the reddish colors and ochres come together to give you an almost Martian picture that you won't forget.
  • Papagayo Beach: all the beauty came to this beautiful cove that you can find south of Lanzarote. Crystal clear waters and golden sand to enjoy a sunny day on the beach and in the middle of winter. Crazy, isn't it?
  • Icod de los Vinos: tradition, natural beauty and conservation go hand in hand in this beautiful municipality of Tenerife, famous for being one of the most beautiful places on the island and with an unmatched gastronomic offer.

If you decide to travel to the Canary Islands in December, you will be enjoying not only the place, but also the impressive hotel offer that you can find in the main islands of the Canarian archipelago.

traveling to the canary islands in december

Hotels, summer in December

Discover endless possibilities for your winter holidays and start enjoying HD Hotels & Resorts ranging from all-inclusive hotels with spa, with excellent rooms and an ideal weather that will guarantee you the best rest for your trip.

You'll find the best options to travel with your family, with fun pool areas, incredible activities, an exquisite gastronomic offer and a value for money that other destinations can't compete with.

All along the fame of the best hotels in the Canary Islands, which have the best quality certificates that guarantee the success of your choice for your winter holidays.

Traveling to the Canary Islands in December? Of course! A paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is waiting for you to give you a sunny and diverse winter holiday.


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