The best 'family hotel 2020' in Spain is in the Canary Islands: HD Parque Cristóbal Tenerife

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Aug. 3, 2020, 1:21 p.m.

The Canary Islands are in luck. The "Travellers' Choice Best of the Best" awards are Tripadvisor's highest honour. The only travel industry awards based on millions of opinions from travellers around the world. These annual awards reflect "the best of the best" for service, quality and customer satisfaction.

travellers' choice 2020

Thousands of tourists from all over Europe visit our islands every year to enjoy their family holidays. Thus, from HD Hotels (belonging to the business conglomerate "Grupo HD", Hermanos Domínguez), we have known how to specialize in this niche with the offer and services for families of our two establishments "Family and Joy": HD Parque Cristóbal Tenerife and HD Parque Cristóbal Gran Canaria.

A few weeks ago we surprised them with our "Summer Camps for children and remote work", an innovative proposal to attract family audiences to their establishments by partnering with Vodafone. This camp proposal is designed so that adults can telework with the best connection on the market while the little ones at home enjoy robotics, yoga, sports and logical thinking activities in a safe and protected environment such as HD Hotels. We have also implemented strict health and safety protocols "HD Health Connect" certified by Biolab Advisors.

Now, with this international recognition, HD Parque Cristóbal Tenerife is positioned as the best family alternative in Spain, the 7th best family hotel in Europe and the 15th in the world. In the words of Alexis Santana, director of the award-winning establishment:

"HD Parque Cristóbal Tenerife is more than a hotel, it is a big family made up of clients and staff. They are the real architects of this recognition".

Part of the success of our hotel is to be a very exclusive product, unique and rare in Tenerife, with a horizontal architecture in concept of "bungalows" and large gardens in the very heart of Playa de Las Américas.

"Everything as a whole sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to create a very special family atmosphere. We put a lot of emphasis on details and make families want to come back year after year because we truly understand their needs and focus on them".

This atypical summer is ideal for families to enjoy an establishment like HD Parque Cristóbal Tenerife, as we have active campaigns on our website aimed at national customers with discounts of up to 40%.


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