Acuario Lifestyle Hotel: the best emblematic hotel in Las Palmas is now open

July 30, 2019, 1:28 p.m.

Have you ever heard of boutique hotels or emblematic hotels? Get to know the new tourist trend to discover big European cities through an experience that counts with the comfort and advantages of staying in a hotel whose objective is to make the most of everything that the destination can offer.

What is a boutique hotel?

If we tell you words like "different", "unique", "distinct", "exceptional", adjectives that mean that a boutique hotel is the best, you wouldn't believe us...

However, we are telling you the truth. They are, simply, hotels made to enjoy big cities, as its origin take us to the city of New York.

It was there where they began to use some homes in the city’s best areas and adapt and equip them with features and services typical of a hotel, in order to differentiate themselves from the repetitive competition and increasingly based on luxury and comfort.

Who were the first ones?

Schrager and Steve Rubell decided to open an emblematic hotel, with a unique decoration and a style typical of two personalities as strange as themselves.

Their success was enormous and the format of a boutique hotel, or emblematic hotel, began to expand and succeed in a city as big as New York.

This is what HD Hotels & Resorts thought of, betting on the remodelling and opening of the Acuario Lifestyle Hotel and creating an emblematic hotel in an ideal area to access the best places in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

What is the difference with a conventional hotel?

They offer different types of rooms, prepared for your relax and comfort, with all the benefits you need so that you can continue discovering and enjoying the city where you have travelled.

A different bet

Emblematic hotels are the present and future of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, coexisting with the best accommodation like hotels, hostels, private flats, etc.

However, the recent arrival of digital nomads and workers in the online sector, attracted by the climate and way of life, has made this hotel chain decide to open this hotel.

That is what HD Hotels & Resorts is all about, as the Acuario Lifestyle Hotel is a boutique hotel located in the Santa Catalina Park in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which offers you everything that has made the capital of Gran Canaria famous as one of the best cities in Europe.

Bathed by the sun and full of multiculturalism, leisure and a cultural and gastronomic offers, all joined by the warm island spirit of a city that has one of the best beaches in Spain: Las Canteras.

The Acuario Lifeystyle Hotel is committed to experiences in the city, to clients who come to enjoy Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to the fullest:

  • Exceptional theatres such as the Pérez Galdós Theatre or the Cuyás Theatre.
  • Top quality and diverse restaurants, where not only Canarian gastronomy has room, but also the best of the great cultures that coexist in this city.
  • Emblematic areas, such as the old quarter of Vegueta, where the Cathedral of Santa Ana or Triana is located.
  • Events that make Las Palmas world famous such as the Carnival, the Gay Pride or the numerous festivals held in the Santa Catalina Park, where the Acuario Lifestyle Hotel is located.
  • Impressive museums such as the Canarian Museum, the Atlantic Centre of Modern Art (CAAM), the House-Museum Néstor...
  • Poema del Mar Aquarium, one of the largest aquariums in the world, home to many aquatic species from all oceans and seas.
  • Las Canteras beach, an incredible experience to spend your days enjoying the sun, the fresh marine breeze of the Atlantic Ocean and everything that surrounds this special area.

Thanks to HD Hotels & Resorts, Acuario Lifestyle Hotel intends that all its clients enjoy all these experiences offering comfortable and relaxing rooms, equipped with the best features so that the moments inside the hotel continue with the positivity and the wonderful sensations that are lived in the streets of Las Palmas.

We will pay attention to all the news about this incredible emblematic hotel made to enjoy a city that year after year is growing and making a name in the international scene.


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